Life at Tejas

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Summer Schedule

SMT Training 2015:

May 22rd- June 5th *Required attendance unless you are a high school student*

Summer Duration:

June 6th-August 15th, 2015

Daily Schedule:

Schedule will be dependent on the area of ministry you are assigned to each week, such as Food Service, Maintenance, or Programming.

Your work day will begin around 8 am and go until early evening with a thirty minute break for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The possibility of working at night will vary based on group requests.
A 30 minute slot of Personal Devotion Time (PDT) will be in your schedule, in which SMT will spend alone time with the Lord. Tejas believes that it is essential to start the day with what is truly important – our relationship with God.
Every week various Discipleship opportunities will be part of your schedule, such as guys/girls discipleship and a group lesson on the chapter of the Bible that we will be studying intensively during the summer. There will also be time apportioned for accountability groups and guest speakers.