Life at Tejas

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There are many types of jobs to be done at Tejas! As a Summer Ministry Team (SMT) member, you will choose an area of ministry to work under for the summer. However, you will rotate to different positions within that area of ministry. Here is a summary of the different responsibilities for each position:



  • Be certified as a lifeguard.
  • Be ready to respond to any dangerous situation and protect the safety and happiness of campers at the pool or lake.
  • Prepare and clean all waterfront areas.
  • Waterfront happens some mornings, most nights and every afternoon.



  • Be trained in rock wall/zip line facilitation.
  • Facilitate each activity/game effectively in a fun atmosphere.
  • Ensure the safety of the group as well as energy level and participation.
  • Prepare and clean activity areas.
  • Recreation happens most mornings and nights, and every afternoon.


Food Service

Meal Service:

  • Prepare designated station for serving camper meals.
  • Serve meals to guests and staff.
  • Meal Service staff will be assigned to recreation/waterfront assignments in the afternoon.
  • Help clean Tejas Dining Hall at the end of the day.


Meal Cleanup:

  • Work behind the scenes to ensure guests don’t have to worry about anything!
  • After each meal, meal cleanup will stay and clean up the kitchen and the dishes, making the Tejas Dining Hall ready for the next meal.
  • Meal Cleanup staff are not assigned to any recreation/waterfront assignments.



  • Work at concession stands at the Pool and Four Seasons.
  • Handle cash purchases.
  • Serve various candy, soda, and other food items.
  • Clean, stock, and maintain concession stands.

Gift Shop/Coffee Shop:

  • Work in retail and handle cash/credit purchases.
  • Clean and stock gift shop/coffee shop items.
  • Prepare drinks for guests.



  • Maintenance team keeps the camp running smoothly behind-the-scenes.
  • Ensure that anything broken is fixed, anything missing is found, and all thirsty children are quenched (by setting out water coolers and cups).
  • Work as a team on a scheduled rotation.
  • Maintenance team members stay on this team for the entire summer.




  • Media team takes photos and videos of all the camp activities throughout the day.
  • As a team, upload a batch of pictures 3 times a day and edit 2 recap youtube videos per group, so that parents can see what their kids are up to at camp.
  • Learn Photoshop, Premiere, and other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Some special side projects will include videos for staff or some graphic design work.
  • Media team members stay on this team for the entire summer.