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Life At Tejas

Living at Tejas as a Summer Ministry Team (SMT) member is an unforgettable experience. You get to work, worship, live and grow with an amazing group of young believers who have committed their summer to the Lord. Becoming an SMT is all about learning to serve others like Christ serves us. At Tejas we try to eliminate distractions in order to see all the opportunities we have to serve. Here are a few guidelines we abide by to help us focus all our energy on Christ and serving.


Cell phones will be kept in a compartment in the common room for SMT’s. Cell phones or personal music players may not be used around groups or during any activities. You may use your phone during free or off time. Personal computers are not permited for the SMT staff. Tejas will provide computers with internet access for SMT’s to use in the common room during free or off time.


Unless scheduled to work an activity, curfew is to be in your room (not just on site) by 11:00 p.m. This includes your days off. On consecutive days off, a member of the Summer Camp Leadership will determine whether curfew will be lifted.

Things you can survive without

Not that there will be much time for it, but television, PG13 and R rated movies are not allowed over the summer. Non-Christian music is another thing we ask you to abstain from. We want to keep our minds focused on what is important: our relationship with the Lord. Tobacco, alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs as well as fire arms are prohibited. Think of it is as a fasting, a devotion to God to put away worldly things for a short period of time so that we may all strive to be more like Him.

Clean Rooms

During the summer, you will be sharing a room and a common area with other staff members. This is a great opportunity to build strong relationships with the other SMT as you live, serve, and grow together. Room assignments will be given out shortly after training starts, and throughout the summer there will be room cleanliness inspections. See our facility photos for a glimpse of Tejas accomodations.


Romantic/flirtatious relationships between staff or campers is not allowed. Attractions to fellow SMT may not be pursued during your summer at Tejas. Cultivating healthy, respectful and drama-free friendships between all members of the staff is the goal at Tejas.

Life at Tejas