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Discipleship is the most important aspect of our Summer Ministry Team! This is where we come together and grow in the Lord so that can we can be prepared to serve as He has taught us.

Accountability Groups

Accountability groups consist of two or three people of the same gender coming together to meet, encourage, and challenge each other. Our hope is that you will meet not just at assigned times, but whenever your group needs or wants to. Accountability groups are a great way to build strong relationships!

Family Serve Days

Different times during the summer, you will leave the camp and go into the city of Giddings. There you will have the opportunity to minister to and serve the people of the community as a small group.

Personal Devotional Time

Personal Devotion Time will be a part of your daily schedule. At least 30 minutes will be allotted for you in your schedule to spend time with God. You may spend that time in prayer, reading the Word, journaling, or just being alone with God. Whatever it looks like for you, we simply want your relationship with Christ to be the first thing you seek every day.


Times of Bible study, prayer, and accountability will be put in your weekly schedule. Some events will require preparation on your part; some will only require your attendance and participation.

You will have ample opportunities to serve others through the summer camp groups, community ministry, other summer ministry team members, and whoever else God places in your path. You will be challenged to serve as Jesus Christ served.