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Why Intern?

Experience: Interns will gain an in-depth understanding of what it means to work in full-time ministry in a specific area while gaining training in different areas as well. 

Spiritual Growth: Through the Discipleship Program, interns will be challenged and encouraged in their relationship with Christ through focusing on ministry foundations, leadership development, reflections, and spiritual disciplines.

Overcome Challenges: By empowering interns with skills and tools, we hope they are able to face the challenges and obstacles in ministry and everyday life with confidence in order to achieve their goals while giving glory to God.

Community: Through being intentional in communal living, we hope interns learn, grow and encourage each other as they transform into men and women of God.

New Perspective: Our goal is for interns to have a new understanding of what it means to serve. In order to become the leaders for tomorrow, we hope that the interns integrate servanthood into different aspects of their lives when they move on from Tejas.