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Areas of Ministry

Guest Services

We strive to create an out-of-the-ordinary environment for groups to come and bring their guests. As a Guest Services intern, you will be taught how to take care of our retreat guests’ needs. This includes setting up conference rooms, placing welcome signs around the camp and checking in on rooms. We want to be the hands and feet for each group leader that comes to Tejas and provide a place for the groups to grow closer to Christ. By being available to welcome groups when they arrive, you become the face of Christ for each guest and are able to assist in meeting their needs. 


As a recreation intern, your main focus includes anything and everything that can be placed under the title of “recreation”. You will be given the opportunity to assist in planning programs, games, and activities for weekend retreats and summer programs. This includes the upkeep of the game rooms, zip lines, climbing walls, lakes, pool, basketball court, gaga pits, playgrounds, mudpit, playing fields, disc golf course, volleyball courts, camp fires, hayrides and anything else that Tejas might add to its recreation program. The work of the recreation interns is essential for the day-to-day operation of Tejas.


In media, we work heavily behind the scenes. Interns will learn in a hands-on environment while contributing to graphic design projects, sound equipment setup for incoming groups, social media management, magazine publication, photography, and video production. We become a piece of every department at Tejas as we help with their particular media needs. By harnessing our gifts in creativity, we help present the gospel through Tejas’ ministries.

Outdoor Education

The primary focus of this area of ministry is to assist the Outdoor Education Manager in moving the Tejas Outdoor Education program through its developmental stages. This will include a wide variety of responsibilities due to the early stages of the program. Some expected responsibilities include creating state-standard-based curriculum for 5th grade, helping develop relations with local area school districts, researching other outdoor education facilities, and improving your knowledge of Texas flora and fauna. Occasionally, you may assist recreation interns in bigger recreational projects along with other general intern responsibilities. The outdoor education intern will play a part in the launching of the Tejas Outdoor Education program, so flexibility and the ability to take initiative are key.