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Join us in our mission to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives here at Tejas, as we strive to live, serve, and be more like Jesus on a daily basis.

More than just a camp, Tejas is a grounds for growth, an opportunity for personal, professional, and spiritual development, and a place used by God to usher in life-transformation.  Tejas has so much to offer, not just to the thousands of guests that gather on property throughout the course of each year, but also to the hundreds of staff members that Tejas employs during the summer months and beyond.

Interested in being a member of Tejas' summer staff team?

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College Students

We understand that summers are a valuable time during college, so we invite you to take full advantage of your summer break to grow in leadership, experience, service, and so much more here at Tejas.

Individuals a year out of high school (or a returning staff member after their high school senior year) will be considered for an entire summer of service at Tejas.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Assisting with camper recreation
  • Facilitating activities during camp free time

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High School Students

Gain work experience, grow in leadership, and have an unforgettable summer full of service here at Tejas!

Individuals who have finished their high school year and are at least 17 years old will be considered for a summer of service at Tejas.  Length of employment for high school staff is either the first half of the summer or the second half of the summer.  All staff are required to attend staff training in May.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Food prep and cleaning
  • Serving meals

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