As Tejas has grown over the years, we have been able to create new facilities and update existing buildings, outdoor spaces, and activities. We strive to make Tejas a Christian retreat center that guests will enjoy and enable them to forget the worries of their day. There are a number of improvements happening on our campus and we would love to include your family, church group, or company as a part of what we are doing. If you would like to be involved by volunteering or giving financially, please contact Paul Biles and we will gladly help you become a part of the momentum of revitalizing Tejas.


Dining Hall: Phase 2

The dining hall pavilion is already being enjoyed by our guests. It's exciting to have a space large enough for everyone to eat together at the same time. Our future vision will be to enclose the pavilion with our unique Tejas look that will truley make you want to linger and continue your conversations long after your meal. 

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Six Bunk Houses

We are replacing the old field houses with six new bunk houses. There will be two located near the Lakehouse, two near the Pool and two near the 4 Seasons. Construction is underway and we are on target to have them ready to use by Summertime. It's exciting to finally say 'sayonara, old field houses' and 'hello' to 144 new guest accommodations!

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Cunningham Terrace

Located in the heart of Tejas, the Cunningham Terrace will be a spectacular gathering place for you and your friends. New permanent pavilions are being added along with beautiful pathways, landscaped and grass areas. This will become a place you'll come to rest, relax and enjoy your time at Tejas.

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Building Spruce Ups

Many of our current buildings around Tejas are getting facelifts. Our volunteers have been replacing siding, posts, and windows. They've really done some fantastic cedar shingle work on the gable ends of our buildings giving each a unique look. You can spot a staggered pattern on our gift shop, a wave on SMT, and argyle on Pony Outpost.

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RV Site

We have been in the process of building a new RV site for our long-term volunteers that stay with us weeks at a time. This new RV site will definitely accommodate all our our volunteers in one place, and will hopefully offer them a bit more privacy.

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Giant Scream Swing

Do you like heights? Love to feel the wind rushing by you? Come out and give our new Giant Swing a try. You and two of your friends be lifted 60 feet into the air, then dropped for a thrilling ride!

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Front Field Pavilion

Our brand new Front Field Pavilion is a permanent structure that has replaced the tent that stood there the past few years. It's a wonderful mix of old and new building materials. We'd like to specially thank Vera Archer for donating some of the building materials for this project.

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