Tejas Fun Day

Kids of all ages showed up with smiles and excitement to our annual Tejas Family Fun Day. The hot afternoon made the pool and lakefront popular destinations for fun. Many enjoyed racing a friend down our new double wet willie slides or the double water zip lines. The new giant scream swing also gave free-fall thrills to those brave enough to try it. It seemed everywhere you turned you'd find people laughing and having a... [more]


The Two Are One

The dining hall pavilion expansion and our existing dining hall building have now been permanently joined. Before summer camps started back in June the two structures were close, but just had a temporary solution in place. Now that we have some more time we were able to finish that step and tie into the roof line.

The construction crew made some other structural and cosmetic changes to the pavilion side entrance. New framing was added for... [more]


Steel Arrival

We were able to find a small window between the April thunderstorms to pour the concrete slab for the dining hall. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the crew that will be errecting the steel frame at the end of month. This summer the dining hall will remain more pavillion like for a very summery open-air dining expereince!

Today the first steel delivery arrived at Tejas! Tomorrow, weather permitting, the construction crew will begin erecting... [more]


Dining Hall: Phase Two

If you have been on Tejas property recently you have probably seen lots of dump trucks, excavators, dirt piles, and the occasional open hole in the ground. All of this means we have officially started Phase Two of our Dining Hall expansion! To prepare for this phase of construction our power lines were rerouted, the maintenance crew laid new water pipe lines, and two trees were removed.

The construction crew is currently working on removing the... [more]


Wildflower Grove Bunk Houses

We continue to make progress on our bunk houses. Our wonderful builder, Jatzlau Construction, has poured the foundation on the last two bunk houses and was ready to begin the framing work. So what do you do when your project is on schedule? Ask your builder a really tough question of course. We approached Jatzlau Construction and asked, "Can we frame the last two houses ourselves?"

Are we crazy? Why would we do this? We had... [more]