The Tejas Remain Internship

Tejas’ Remain Internship is an awesome opportunity to develop skills and gain experience within a Christian ministry setting. By growing in camp and retreat experience and developing professional leadership skills, Tejas interns learn through a hands-on environment what it is like to serve as Jesus did while He was here on earth. The experiences at Tejas will help prepare interns for whatever comes next in their lives - college, a full-time career, ministry, additional camp work, and more.

Interns are valuable in helping shape the Tejas story. Each Remain intern holds an essential role in writing a part of Tejas’ story. Interns are welcomed with open arms into the Tejas family and are seen as vital in making Tejas all that it is, year after year.

What does it mean to remain in Christ, as John 15:5 talks about? Jesus is the vine and we, as Christians, are the branches. “If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” As individuals enter into Tejas’ Remain internship, our hope is that our interns will be able to fully embrace what it means to remain in Him and therefore, bear much fruit.

Remain Internship Qualifications

The Tejas Remain internship program has a limited number of individuals accepted each year. Candidates meeting these qualifications will be considered.

  • A committed follower of Jesus
  • Able to commit to a year-long program (August to August) 
  • Single marital status
  • Age range 20-25

What to Expect From the Internship

  • The internship is paid year-long commitment
  • On-site housing is provided
  • Meals are provided (when we have guests)
  • Medical insurance provided (if necessary)
  • Weekly chapel and discipleship
  • Great community and relationships
  • Lifeguard, CPR, First-Aid, and AED certifications
  • ACCT Level 1 certification (site-specific)
  • Food-handler license

We have several areas of ministry

The internship program will expose young adults to different areas of camp ministry at Tejas while challenging and encouraging these individuals to look more like Christ in all that they do.

There are five department Tejas interns choose from when committing to serve at Tejas. Each intern will choose from one of the five following categories as an area of focus for their year-long internship:

Communications interns will have the opportunity to focus on developing skills in both media and retail.

Facilities interns will focus their efforts on Tejas building and grounds upkeep, as well as maintenance on Tejas vehicles and equipment.

Food Services
Food Services interns will focus on creating delicious meals for our guests, from the organizational efforts of planning a meal for hundreds of guests and staff, all the way to serving meals for those individuals.

Guest Services
Guest Services interns have the opportunity to focus on giving the guests the best experience possible through excellent customer service and exceptional hosting.

Recruitment interns will focus their efforts on recruiting year-round, seasonal, and summer staff team members for Tejas.

Interns will spend their time at Tejas in discussions, spiritual development, community, growth, and goal-setting and problem-solving experience.

A major focus of Tejas as a ministry is service — service both to guests and to each other, as fellow staff members, yes, and also as brothers and sisters in Christ. As we set the stage for Jesus to transform lives, interns will strive to be more like Jesus in looking to serve and not to be served in all that they do. As such, Tejas interns are individuals committed to growing in their faith, becoming image-bearers of Christ as they strive to daily remain in Him through service to others.