General Responsibilities and Lifestyle

Area of Ministry

               You will focus on one specific area of ministry during your time at Tejas. You may choose from Guest Services, Media, Summer/Recreation, or Outdoor Education. A Tejas full-time staff member will serve as the direct supervisor over your area. Each supervisor is committed to your development and learning. Click here for descriptions of each area of ministry.

Discipleship events

               You will be expected to attend all of the discipleship classes and events. Learn more about the Remain Internship discipleship program.

Retreat Weekends

                Interns are the core of how our retreat weekends work. You will help provide recreational activities for our guests by facilitating the climbing wall, zip line, or challenge course. You may also assist in serving meals and responding to guest needs throughout the weekend. Check out photos of Tejas retreats.

Lights of Tejas

                You will be placed in the volunteer allocations schedule with the rest of the full-time staff and work each night of the Lights of Tejas (end of November through end of December). This could include anything from night ziplines to selling merch! Learn more about Lights of Tejas here.

Communal Living

                During training, the interns will be responsible for creating their own Community Standards. This allows all interns to voice their opinion and come to an agreement on their standards of living together. You will be sharing your living space with other interns of the same gender in a housing accommodation provided by the camp. This space is also used for Mission Statement meetings and for gathering as a community. Check out these photos to see what Tejas looks like.

The Ministry of Tejas

                No matter what department you are working in, you will still be expected to be willing to serve all of Tejas. Our main purpose at Tejas is to serve and help each other when needed.