Ministry Leadership Development

By studying God's Word and other leadership literature, we will explore how to be a leader in a ministry setting. We will cover a wide range of relevant theories, scenarios and Scripture. Each intern will be given the opportunity to develop their philosophy of ministry. 

REAP Bible Study

The men and women will meet separately (with their chosen Scripture) to have a Bible study using the REAP method from Austin Stone Church. REAP stands for Read, Examine, Apply, and Pray.

Scripture Memory

Each semester, Interns will choose a portion of Scripture to memorize.

Weekly Journals

The purpose of the weekly journals is to encourage reflection on the intern experience. Through reflection and expression, you will be able to internalize what you are learning and apply it to your ministry leadership style.

Discipleship Days

On Discipleship Days, you will experience the world outside of Tejas. By providing different opportunities outside of Tejas, our hope is for you to apply what you are learning in a different context.

All the Tejas full-time staff are committed and invested in the mission and vision of the Remain Internship. Either as direct supervisor or merely a friend to talk to, each of the full-time staff are looking forward to building relationships with the Interns. Generally, full-time staff takes intentional time out of their schedules to meet with the interns or invite them into their homes for a meal with their families. Interns are included on all staff events including: Game and dessert nights, weekly staff chapel, staff meals and relevant Christian camp conferences.