When you come to Tejas, we want you to get away from the everyday schedule and rest. Resting may be a stroll around the lake, a cup of coffee, a game with some friends, or simply a good night's sleep. We'll do our best to provide all of the above including a clean, comfortable room and bed. The food at Tejas is one of its highlights for guests.

We have 55 private rooms and 8 bunk houses during the retreat season. Every room has heat, air conditioning, and a bathroom with hot water. Each private room has a private bath and comes with towels and bed linens. For summer camp, we change the format of some rooms, use some for staff, and provide temporary bunk rooms.

We have 11 conference rooms onsite to use for your retreat. Depending on the size and location of your group, we will assign the appropriate conference room. Each group is guaranteed one conference room. If there are extra conference rooms, then we can assign more than one.