Dining Hall

Phase 3 Expansion

The Tejas dining hall is more than just a place to eat, it is a conduit for more. We know that God will use this expansion to encourage, uplift, and transform lives, both for His Kingdom and for His glory.

This will be a completely enclosed 11,000-square-foot facility enabling us to gather together and seat 700 guests at the same time. 

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As of January 2018, we are under construction as walls are being added to the dining hall. We are so grateful for your support of this expansion!

Our Vision

Help Build A Place Where Life-Changing Relationships With Jesus Are Formed

The Story Of Tejas

Imagine all the ways God will use this enhanced space with your generosity!

Our purpose is to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. For too many years, we have not had enough dining hall seats for all our guests, forcing them to eat in shifts and breaking up this natural community time. We have great recreation, quiet coves, unique sleeping facilities and eclectic, inviting meeting spaces, but we have been missing this vital opportunity to provide time and space at meals so guests can relax, enjoy great food, encourage each other and share how Jesus is working in their lives. Would you consider being part of God's story at Tejas and give financially to help us launch into this next level of ministry? Your gift can help us create an amazing dining experience for 700 guests.

People Making Change Together

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Our Need

A welcoming and unique space

   ★ Inviting place to linger and fellowship

   ★ Banquet hall for special events

   ★ A setting for genuine community

   ★ Where life-long friendships are forged

The supper table is where intentional and relational ministry is natural. Our vision is a climate-controlled space that is fulfilling for more than just stomachs but creating lasting relationships. An environment for Jesus to work in people's hearts. An 11,000-square-foot facility enabling us to gather together and seat 700 guest at the same time.

People Making Change Together

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Your Part

Be a Stage Setter and give today so Jesus can transform lives!

Tejas is a destination dedicated to serving ministries by setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives. The Dining Hall Phase 3 Expansion has been a long time coming, and, once finished, will reap plenty of good food and even more good fellowship. Become a partner in ministry with us today.

People Making Change Together

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Tejas Dining Hall History


1989 marks the first expansion of the dining hall adding 100 seats for our guests. We still had just one serving line in the Tejas Dining Hall and limited seating that held up guests from being able to eat and fellowship together at one time.


During the 2000's more sleeping facilities were added and our meal times started to be staggered in order to accommodate the growing number of guests.


In 2010, we enclosed the porch and reshaped the serving line path and added an additional serving line and larger salad bar area. Seating stayed the same and we were serving over 500 guests with the limited space of 150 seats inside and 120 outside in a tent pavilion.


In 2012, the Dining Hall Phase 1 Expansion was set in motion. The kitchen prep, cooking, and dish washing areas were all expanded, creating a more efficient kitchen. The drink station became an island accessible on all sides, and new restrooms were even added. Phase 1 paved the way for a better kitchen, eating area, and altogether a better dining experience for guests.


In 2016, the time arrived for Phase 2 of expansion. Even though the guest sleeping capacity had risen to over 600, dining hall seating remained less than half of that capacity. Meal times were still forced to be staggered over a 2-hour period, separating guests into groups. A huge pavilion was then constructed that could seat every single guest. For the first time since the initial growth pattern in the 90's, we could all eat and fellowship together!


We're under construction: the walls of the dining hall are being put into place! We're so grateful for the many hands that are making the work light.