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Our Summer Ministry Team (SMT) is a big part of our camp program. The SMT experience what it means to Live, Serve and Grow together in a Christ-like manner.

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Want to be a part of our Summer Staff? Check out our Summer Ministry Team page for more information.

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Summer camp is an exciting time!  We host more than 6,000 campers during the summer, helping churches facilitate a camp that presents the truth of Christ.

Want to send your child to camp? Contact the churches below for information on their summer camp programs coming to Camp Tejas in 2015! (Churches sorted by their home city)


Austin Baptist Church – Elementary Children (July 9-12)

Calvary Chapel of Austin - Jr and Sr High Camp (July 5-9)

Lake Hills Church - Elementary Children (August 9-13)

Riverbend Church - Jr and Sr High Camp (June 18-22)

Shoreline Church - Elementary Children Camp (July 18-21)

Brenham, TX

FBC Brenham, Calvary Baptist in McAllen and FBC Longview - Elementary Children Camp (July 13-17)

Bryan, TX

FBC Bryan - Elementary Children Camp (July 13-17)

Cypress, TX

Cypress Fellowship - Elementary Children Camp (August 6-9)

Fairfield Baptist Church - Elementary Children Camp (August 6-9)

Dallas, TX

Northwest Bible Church – Elementary Children (July 9-12)

Park Cities Baptist Church - Jr and Sr High - Thee Camp (June 28 - July 2)

Henderson, TX

First Baptist Henderson - Elementary Children Camp (August 6-9)

Houston, TX

Houston Northwest Church - Elementary Children Camp (July 22-25)

Sagemont Church - Youth Camp (July 9-12)

Longview, TX

FBC Longview, FBC Brenham, and Calvary Baptist in McAllen - Elementary Children Camp (July 13-17)

McAllen, TX

Calvary Baptist in McAllen, FBC Brenham, and FBC Longview - Elementary Children Camp (July 13-17)

The Family Church - Youth Camp (August 9-13)

Mission, TX

Palm Valley Church - Jr and Sr High Camp (August 1-5)

Pearland, TX

First Baptist Pearland - Elementary Children Camp (August 6-9)

San Antonio, TX

Community Bible Church - 3rd-5th Grade Kids Camp (June 6-10)

Community Bible Church - 6th-7th Grade Camp (June 10-14)

Community Bible Church - High School Camp (June 14-18)

CrossBridge Community Church, Grace Point Church & Other San Antonio Area Churches - Elementary Children Camp (July 27-31)

Shearer Hills Baptist Church - Elementary Children Camp (August 5-9)

San Marcos, TX

FBC San Marcos - Preteens Camp (July 18-21)

Spring, TX

Spring Baptist Church - Elementary Children Camp (July 22-25)

The Woodlands, TX

ProjectKids - 1st-6th Grade (July 5-9)

ProjectStudents - 7th-12th Grade (June 19-23)

Woodlands UMC Student Ministries - Sr High - Edge Camp (June 23-27)